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Chapter Titles
   Title page
 Chapter I
 The Kind of People God Wants
 Chapter II  Three Basic Concepts of Christianity
 Chapter III  Channels of Communication Between God and Man
 Chapter IV  Accepting or Rejecting the Prophets
 Chapter V  The Gift of Prophecy in the Advent Movement
 Chapter VI  Four Bible Tests of the True Prophet
 Chapter VII  Evidences That Ellen G. White Was Used by God
 Chapter VIII  God Revealed Secrets Through Ellen G. White
 Chapter IX  The Witness of Contemporaries
 Chapter X  The Relation of Ellen G. White to the Bible


 Chapter XI  Ellen G. White's Attitude Toward Her Own Writings
 Chapter XII  Ellen G. White's Message on Health
 Chapter XIII  Ellen G. White's Message on Dress
 Chapter XIV  What Manner of Persons Ought We to Be?
 Chapter XV  My Attitude on the Life and Work of Ellen G. White

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