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Focus on Jesus' 2nd Coming

A Promise Fulfilled

As he hurried back, Ryan stopped for a second to glance up at the sky. The signs of Jesus’ coming had been fulfilled just as He had predicted--earthquakes, famines, floods, volcanic eruptions, wars and rumors of wars, false prophets, and false teachings. . . . Jesus had promised to return, but when would He come?

A sudden noise jolted him out of his thoughts. Ryan looked down the rugged path and saw a group of evil men rushing up the mountain, shouting and jeering. Without time to lose, Ryan rushed back to the cave, where his mom and younger sister along with a small group of believers were huddled around a small fire. They had all fled not too long ago when the police had started knocking on doors. Ryan’s dad had not been so fortunate. The authorities had thrown him in prison for worshipping God on the Sabbath day.

“We’re surrounded,” Ryan whispered in a hushed panic. The believers pressed closer together. Their lips moved silently in prayer as they pleaded with God for protection. The sound of men coming toward them grew louder and louder.
Suddenly, a darkness, blacker than night, covered the earth. A rainbow, which seemed to come from heaven, encircled the group of believers. The evil men stopped in their tracks.


Though it will appear there is no way of escape for them, God will preserve His people in miraculous ways during the time of trouble.

Adapted from
Testimonies for the Church,
vol. 1, pp. 353-354

“Look up,” a voice commanded. Ryan obeyed along with the rest of the believers. Running out of the cave, they peered into the darkness above. The heavens seemed to open, and they could see Jesus seated upon the throne of God.
The earth shook violently, and rocks began tumbling down the mountainside. Ryan stumbled to the ground as heavy winds whipped through the trees. He crouched low, trying to stay out of the heavy downpour.

Then he saw it, a small black cloud in the east. That was it! That was the sign of Jesus’ coming! Ryan gazed at the cloud as it became brighter and brighter. Soon he could see the “great white cloud, its base a glory like consuming fire, and above it the rainbow of the covenant.” And there was Jesus, coming as “a mighty conqueror.”
The earth reeled. Lightning flashed. Thunder rolled. Then there was the voice, saying, “Awake, awake, awake!” Ryan looked down the valley and saw graves opening and the dead coming back to life. Angels rushed to gather the little children and take them to their mothers. Friends embraced, singing praises to God.

Ryan felt himself being lifted up to meet Jesus in the clouds. But where were his glasses? Ryan smiled as he realized he could see clearly without them. The scar on his arm from a bike accident had also disappeared. Jesus had given him a new Jesus coming again!body.

Ryan saw his mom and younger sister. And there was his dad! As they hugged and kissed, they realized they would now be together forever.

And there was Jesus, opening the pearly gates and saying, “Come and inherit the kingdom prepared for you.”


* This is an imaginary story based on Ellen White’s descriptions of Jesus’ second coming found in Chapter 40 of The Great Controversy.

© Copyright 2008, Ellen G. White Estate, Inc.
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