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How will we know when Jesus has come?

Just like the angel closed the door of the ark in Noah’s day and no one else could get in, so one day God will close the opportunity for people to make a decision for God.

Adapted from: Selected Messages, vol. 1, p. 63.


The Bible says Jesus’ coming will be a spectacular event that everyone will see! (Matthew 24:27, Revelation 1:7) Graves will open, some of the dead will rise, trumpets will sound, the earth will heave, swell, and split, and islands will slide into the sea (I Thessalonians 4:16, Revelation 6:14). Then we will see our Savior, surrounded by millions of shining angels. You will definitely know that Jesus has come!

But before the “real” coming of Jesus, Satan will pretend to be Jesus by appearing as a glorious being in various places of earth. Jesus said if we hear about such “an appearing,” don’t even go to look at the “pretend Jesus,” because you might be deceived. Matthew 24:26

Some folks believe that Jesus will come in a silent, surprise event. This theory is sometimes called ”the secret rapture.” But there is no Scriptural evidence for this idea. The text used most often to support a secret appearing is Matthew 24:40,41 which states that when Jesus comes, two men will be working together—one will be taken and one left, and two women will be grinding flour—one will be taken and one left. It is supposed that the “one taken” is silently whisked off to heaven, while the one left continues on with life as usual.

In verses 38 and 39, Jesus uses the example of Noah and the Flood to show that the one “taken” is actually the one who is lost— destroyed by the flood waters—while the ones who are left were those who were safe in the ark. You can see that Matthew 24:38-41 does not support a secret rapture. The passage only warns us to be ready at all times for Jesus’ coming because we don’t know when that great day will be. The one thing we do know is for those who are ready to meet Jesus, it will be by far the best day of their lives.

Locked out of the ark


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