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Satan is busy every moment, going to and fro, walking up and down the earth, seeking whom he may devour. But the earnest prayer of faith will baffle his strongest efforts. Pr 63.

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Ellen G. White® Study Guides

The Ellen G. White® Estate, Inc., reserves the reproduction and publication rights in all formats to the following study guides. Limited permission to duplicate copies for personal or study groups is granted and encouraged. Permission for any other reproduction must be secured from the White Estate.

Adobe Acrobat® Reader®, is required to view and print the PDF files: available for free download here.

Study Guide TitleHTML Format PDF Format
The Acts of the ApostlesAA.HTMLAA.PDF
Adventist HomeAH.HTML AH.PDF
Child GuidanceCG.HTML 
Counsels on HealthCH.HTMLCH.PDF
Christian ServiceChS.HTMLChS.PDF
Counsels for the ChurchCCH.HTMLCCh.PDF
Counsels on Diet and FoodsCDF.HTMLCDF.PDF
Counsels on StewardshipCS.HTML 
Early WritingsEW.HTML 
The Great ControversyGC.HTMLGC.PDF
Last Day EventsLDE.HTML 
Mind, Character, and Personality MCP.PDF
The Ministry of Healing MH.HTML 
The Sanctified LifeSL.HTML 
Selected Messages Book 33SM.HTML3SM.PDF
Steps to ChristSC.HTML 
The Story of Our Health MessageOHM.HTML 
The Story of RedemptionSR.HTML 
Welfare MinistryWM.HTML